Cognition & Thinking Process

Cognition and Thinking Process programs begin to teach learners to put multiple pieces of information together to generate answers or use other processes to answer questions.


Practical exemplars to demonstrate in phases


Additional information
on skills


Printable ABA tools to be used in lessons

Program Videos


This program is about categories. The purpose of the program is to teach students to understand the abstract concept of categories and the association between different things with relevance.


This program teaches students how to respond to questions about things they have done.


This program teaches children about the words “no,” “don’t,” and “not.”


This program teaches students to sequence a series (e.g., numbers and letters) and the steps of an event. This cognitive and reasoning skill helps students understand the order of events, sets the stage for them to later learn casual relationships, and make predictions about what happens next.

Same vs Different

This program is more around looking at Why/Because or reasoning using same vs different as a concept. The objectives of this program are to increase abstract reasoning and increase awareness and attention to detail of objects in the environment.

Why Because

This program teaches children concepts related to why and because under different circumstances.

Inferencing and Understanding Pictures (with Sequencing)

This program is designed to teach students to infer what is going on in a series of pictures and put them in sequence. Additionally, through why/because questions, the program teaches students that events happen for a reason. Embedded in the program will be instructions related to social concepts.

Story-Making – Answering What’s Next

This program demonstrates the phases of developing story-making skill – answering what’s next. It is a crucial step in developing creativity. Through this practice, we will have a great number of opportunities, to teach students general knowledge and fantasy concepts, to shape their skills in logical reasoning, and to develop higher-level of describing skills.