Behavior Regulation

Behavior Regulation involves reducing or eliminating behaviors that disrupt and interfere with learning. An individual will be taught skills related to tolerating unpleasant stimuli or sensations, challenging tasks, become less impulsive, and be more flexible.


3 to 5 mins presentation on theory concepts


Practical exemplars to demonstrate in phases


Additional information
on skills


Printable ABA tools to be used in lessons


tn_selfmonitoring1Paying Attention: Self Monitoring (Learning How to Learn)

Teaching a Child to Self Monitoring

Self monitoring is a higher level program which requires students to monitor their own behaviors. We will start with monitoring somebody else. First we will start with obvious action, then we will move up to more subtle and multiple actions. When the student is able to achieve the previous phase, we will move on to […]

Program Videos

Waiting in Task

The purpose of the program is to teach student sit next to materials the therapist is using and not touch them, as to not disrupt the class.

Termination of reinforcement

This program demonstrates strategies to deal with students’ negative emotion and disruptive behaviors when we end reinforcement, like play time, and transition to another tasks.