These programs help a learner use increasingly detailed statements to express what has been seen. Program targets may initially be single objects and actions; however, they will progress to more complex interactions and events.


3 to 5 mins presentation on theory concepts


Practical exemplars to demonstrate in phases


Additional information
on skills


Printable ABA tools to be used in lessons

Program Videos

Describing Colors

This program is designed to teach a student to describe the color of an item in combination with the object name. The purpose of the program is to have the student to describe objects more specifically in their daily lives.

Describing: Subject + Verb + Object

This program is about describing. This program teaches students to put together subjects, verbs and objects into small sentences to describe what they see or to describe certain situations.

Describing Actions

This program teaches students to describe a range of scenarios that involve a person doing something in a certain place.

Describing Items

This program teaches a child to describe objects in multiple ways (matching and verbal responses), and what is special about the objects.

Describing Special Features

In this example, we use matching and naming as a technique to teach students to describe special features that are specific to the situation.

Describing Location

In this example, we use a visual template as a technique to teach students to describe locations more specifically.

Describing Events

This program teaches a student to describe events using multiple sentences.