Snakes and Ladders

Children with ASD often have limited play skills which interferes their ability to interact with peers.

Conversation Board

This teaching material aims to provide a visual cue to remind student what conversational skills they should use when talking to others.

Action Labels (Video Clips)

This teaching material is designed to help students learn the name of the object, action and concept via videos.

Lego Manual

Lego is a popular and appropriate toy across different ages of children.

Why Because Picture Cards

There are pair of events that tend to occur together as they may have developed some form of a relation between them

Choice Board

To use Choice Board, please be mindful of below steps and make sure your students have the prerequisite skills below:

Competitive Tokens

Competitive Tokens can increase competitiveness and motivation in finishing the token round. As the reinforcement now is restrictive such that the person who finishes faster can gain reinforcement first.

Token Boards

Token board is a reward system that uses tokens to reward desired behaviors of a child and once all the tokens are received he/she can exchange them for something they value.

Toilet card

Toilet card is essential for children who undergo toilet training. The toilet sign is simply a laminated picture of a toilet that serves as a reminder to go to the toilet.

Stop and Go Signs

Stop and Go signs are used for the fun and social traffic light game Stop and Go! Like the traffic light the Stop sign is in red and the Go sign is in green.

Label Cards

Print the picture of a label you want to teach your child, cut it along the edges, laminate it to make it reusable, and you have a label card!


Being able to observe and note differences that are out of the ordinary requires a lot of fundamental knowledge regarding various items and events around us.

Describing – SVO

Teaching our children to develop and use descriptive sentences is one of the many ways to further enrich their language skills.

Wait Card

Often there are situations that does not allow us to get what we want right away.


As our children begin to gain knowledge regarding different items and their attributes, like learning a giraffe has a long neck.


Routines play a critical part in our lives as they enable us to be independent.

Articulation – Voice Volume

As we begin to work on expanding our children’s verbal language, there are also other components of speech that we should also attend to, such as their articulation.

Emotion Meter

The emotion meter displays a range of emotions that children typically experience.