Comprehension programs provide further depth to the language complexity students can understand by listening.


Practical exemplars to demonstrate in phases


Additional information
on skills


Printable ABA tools to be used in lessons

Program Videos

Double Retrieval

This program is about double retrieval, which means having the student give the therapist two items. The purpose of the program is to let students learn how to listen to two pieces of information, sequence two parts of language at the same time and remember all information that they’ve heard.

Double Operations

This program teaches a child to listen to 2 pieces of information and respond accordingly.

Triple Retrieval

This program teaches students to remember information and follow instructions involving 3 items in different settings.

Verb Discrimination Program

This program teaches students to comprehend more auditory information, specifically verbs, that include different elements such that they can follow instructions and answer questions.


This program targets the processing of multiple pieces of auditory information.


This program teaches a student the listening skills to comprehend who, what, where, and what’s happening questions.

Listening Comprehension in Stories

This program is designed to teach a child to comprehend larger chunks of a story. At first the child will be expected to understand a small portion of the story, and by the end of the program, they will be expected to understand the entire story.