Basic Group Readiness Skills

Basic Group Readiness Skills are skills necessary for a student to possess before learning can take place in a group setting. The demands of group learning are different than those of a 1:1 setting. Students must be prepared to meet those demands.


Practical exemplars to demonstrate in phases


Additional information
on skills


Printable ABA tools to be used in lessons

Program Videos

Group Sitting

This program teaches students to sit properly in a group.

Putting Up Your Hand

This program teaches students to raise their hand and wait until called upon to answer a question.

Multiple-Step Imitation

This program teaches students to learn to pay attention to a teacher’s task demonstration and be able to do it afterwards. This is an important skill that enables students to independently participate in school.

Treasure Hunt

This program teaches students to practice attending skills.

Interdependent (Group) Contingency

This program is designed to teach students to understand a group contingency where all members of a group must perform successfully to receive reinforcement.