Problem Solving and Reasoning

Problem Solving and Reasoning is about increasing environmental awareness and overcoming literalness and inflexibility, while increasing useful problem solving skills. Programs in this section will increase the capacity to solve problems oneself and know how, when, and where to seek assistance.


Practical exemplars to demonstrate in phases


Additional information
on skills


Printable ABA tools to be used in lessons

Program Videos

I Don’t Know

This program teaches a student to say “I don’t know,” when he/she does not know the answer to an instruction.

I Don’t Know 2

This program teaches student to ask “I don’t know” during a routine.

Vicarious Learning

In this video, we will show 3 teaching phases of Vicarious Learning. The aim of this program is to teach our student to learn what to do, and more importantly, what Not to do, by witnessing consequences of others’ behavior.