To teach language-based Concepts, these programs target ideas such as attributes, prepositions, and time.


Practical exemplars to demonstrate in phases


Additional information
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Printable ABA tools to be used in lessons

Program Videos


This program is designed to teach a student an attribute, color.

Expressive Labels: Color

This program is about teaching attributes, like colors. The purpose of the program is to have the student understand what we are specifically talking about when a therapist shows a student an object that may or may not vary in other dimensions, like size.

Attributes – Big & Small

This program teaches students the attributes big and small such that they can be used by the student when he/she is describing.

Categories 2

This program is about categories. The purpose of the program is to teach students to understand the abstract concept of categories and the association between different things with relevance.


This program teaches students to speak about and understand the meaning of various prepositions.

Prepositions 2

This program teaches students to execute instructions involving more advanced prepositions.

Fun Ways to Practice Prepositions

This program is designed to make learning prepositions more enjoyable and increase a child’s motivation to learn. In the video, you’ll hear several tips from Toby.