What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a treatment approach that was developed over 100 years ago to help us gain a better understanding of how we learn.

ABA utilizes empirically validated approaches to address challenging behavior as well as to teach a vast range of skills needed to experience a rich and fulfilling life.

Over a century of research and clinical experience using behavioral learning principles has improved our understanding of the complex relationship between our experiences and the environment, and how we learn and interact.

At Autism Partnership (AP), we adopt our very own unique style of Progressive ABA. Our approach is very child-centered and naturalistic. It has been developed over 40 years and is the result of the hundreds of clinicians working around the world for AP.

Our ABA programs are highly clinically driven and utilize procedures that have been developed out of working with children and from our research center. We aim not solely to maximize the progress of each child under our care, but also to provide guidance and support to the family.