Kasey's ABA Training Progress

Kasey has been receiving full day intensive ABA training at AP HK since 3 years and 11 months old (November 2016).

When we first met Kasey, Kasey didn’t have a lot of disruptive behaviors but he was not good at responding and listening to instructions. He was not spontaneous with his language (e.g. not initiating the things he wanted to others). His self-directed attention was not ideal and he would space out easily. His demonstrated limited social initiation and didn’t have sophisticated play skills.

Kasey is now studying in a mainstream school. During his 2 years and 8 months training in AP, he was having full day intensive 1 on 1 ABA training and joined AP’s Little Learners class (Pre-school Program). He has made great progress in his language, learning how to learn, social , play and group skills. To witness Kasey’s amazing progress, watch the videos below!

To know more about the individualized ABA programs he trained on, please go to Kasey’s Program List.