Lego Manual

Lego is a popular and appropriate toy across different ages of children. In AP, Lego is one of the play programs that we would teach our students to expand their play interest and improve their play skills. Some of the students are very good at playing Lego. They are very creative and capable to build different products with their imagination. Although some of them may not be capable to do so, they can still follow the Lego manual to build the products. However, the original manual in Lego set sometimes are too complicated for our students as it included multiple steps in a single page. The materials included in this page provide a simplified and easy-to-build manual for our students to follow. Each page only focuses on one-step at a time.

Preparation work:

1) Print out the materials

2) Cut out the materials and bind all pages in order into a manual

3) Prepare the Lego needed according to the manual

Here are the instructions of using the manual:

1) Check the manual

2) Get the correct Lego according to the manual

3) Follow the manual and build the Lego

4) Flip to next page and repeat the above steps

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