Toilet card

Toilet card is essential for children who undergo toilet training. The toilet sign is simply a laminated picture of a toilet that serves as a reminder to go to the toilet and a communication tool to request to go to the toilet. For those who can speak, the toilet sign is paired with the related verbal request (e.g. “I want to go to toilet.”) and the sign is eventually faded. For others who have a more difficult time with speaking, giving the toilet sign to an adult would be taught as a form of requesting.

Toilet Card:

This is a simple visual representation of a toilet that children typically see in their surroundings. It is a useful reminder for children that are undergoing toilet training. This card is suitable for learners that are familiar with the item is and can learn to associate the picture with going to the washroom.


Toilet Card – Wording:

In addition to a picture, this card also has the word “Toilet” on it. This card is suitable for learners who are undergoing toilet training and can respond to textual prompts.

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