Teaching materials for Visual Perspective Taking

This material can be used in Visual Perspective Taking Program. At this beginning stage, the student will learn to judge what he can see and what others can see. The student should understand the way another person sees things in physical space. Even when people are looking at the same object, we do not always see the same picture as what we see is depended on our positions.

Preparation and procedures:

    1. Print out the materials in an A3 paper.
    2. Cut it out and build the model. To make a sturdy model, please stick the material on to a cardboard.
    3. Ask the student the other-perception question “What can I (therapist) see?”
    4. If the student gives an incorrect response. Ask him/her to come to your side and identify what can be seen in your side.
    5. Ask the student to go back to his/her original place and ask the other-perception question
    6. Not matter the student gives correct or incorrect answer. It is always good to explain the principle to him/her that people do not always see the same thing.

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Visual Perspective Taking

Perspective taking involves being able to understand something from another’s point of view. This program is designed to teach a student to understand that different people see different things. It also serves as a foundation for later skills.