Teaching Materials For Language Program

This material can be applied in some language programs such as Describing,  Attributes, and Comprehension.

The following program may give you some idea on how to set up the practice for multiple parts comprehension in a structure way.

Teaching objectives:

  1. Increase student ability to comprehend different level of instructions.
  2. Able to process and respond instruction which consist two or more than two components of language.


Able to receptive identify the following labels and attributes.

  1. Big and small
  2. Long and short
  3. Categories
  4. Colors

After setting up the materials, you can simply give an instruction for the student to follow. Here are some examples:
Open your palm and say (Attribute) (Object) to the student
Ask the student to: Find the (Attribute) (Object/Category)
Ask the student to: Give me (Attribute) (Object/Category)
Ask the student to: Get the (Attribute) (Object/Category)
Ask the student: Where is the (Attribute) (Object/Category)

If the student has difficulty in getting the correct item, you could adjust your instruction by using a shorter phase. Or you could raise the volume of each element to emphasise the information that student needs to pay attention to. Besides you could also manipulate the materials and put them together according to their attribute, like how we set up in the pictures.

While setting up the materials, make sure that we provide discrimination for each components in the instruction. If you are practicing an instruction with 2 components , there should be at least 4 labels on the desk. If you are practicing an instruction with 3 components , there should be at least 8 labels on the desk. Here are the examples:

Green car (color) + (object)

Yellow clothing (color) + (category)

Big apple (big/small) + (object)

Small transport (big/small) + (category)

Short pencil (long/short) + (object)

Long clothing (long/short) + (category)

Big and red food (attribute) + (color) + (category)

Long and yellow clothing (attribute) + (color) + (category)

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