Teaching Material for Sequencing Program

Sequencing is a program that teaches students to sequence a series (e.g., numbers and letters) and the steps of an event.

For beginning students, it starts with putting the numbers or letters in the correct order. Then move towards visual sequencing, i.e. watch and then sequencing of daily routine.

It is very important to rotate and use new materials while teaching sequencing. Keep in mind that we are teaching the student the concept of sequencing instead of rotely remember the answer of particular materials and examples.

It might be difficult to brainstorm a variety of materials for sequencing program. Below are some ideas and directions that are helpful to parents and therapists to prepare teaching materials for sequencing program.

Sequencing numbers and alphabets:

e.g. ABC, 123

Visual sequencing:

watch people perform a series of events and then sequence

Completion-based sequencing:

e.g. cleaning the white board, eating an apple until finish

Routine-based sequencing:

e.g. washing hand, putting on shoe, putting on jacket

Sequencing simple events:

e.g. Scenario 1: two children want to play with the same toy, then they fight with each other, and are punished by the teacher.

Scenario 2: a little boy is riding a bicycle, then he fell down, two children raised him up.

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This program teaches students to sequence a series (e.g., numbers and letters) and the steps of an event. This cognitive and reasoning skill helps students understand the order of events, sets the stage for them to later learn casual relationships, and make predictions about what happens next.

Inferencing and Understanding Pictures (with Sequencing)

This program is designed to teach students to infer what is going on in a series of pictures and put them in sequence. Additionally, through why/because questions, the program teaches students that events happen for a reason. Embedded in the program will be instructions related to social concepts.

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