Prompting Cards – Dot Program

Teaching objectives:

1) improve articulation
2) increase clarity of speech
3) increase length of verbal production


The therapist or parent says a sound or word while simultaneously pointing to the dots on a template and asks the student to verbally imitate.

Reinforcement will be delivered if the student is able to

    1. Point to the dot &
    2. Imitate the sound/word accurately

As the student learns to rely on the dot to guide his verbal production, a longer sentence can be made by using dots prompt. The therapist or parent can gradually increase the length of the sentence after the student has understood how to use the dots.

The therapist or parent should systematically move on from verbal imitation to encourage more spontaneous production. You can start with using the dots, with a plan to fade it to facilitate better articulation.


Therapists or parents might also provide physical guidance to help the student point to the dots on the template. Gradually fade the physical prompt to a light touch and then a gesture.

Set One:
Therapists or parents will prepare some picture cards (items, actions or even story) with dots underneath them. The dots provide a visual assistance to show the students the number of sounds or words he/she needs to produce. Therapists or parents can modify the picture cards and the number of dots according to the learning objectives.

Set Two:

Therapists or parents will prepare a board with various number of dots on it. (The number of dots will be based on the length of the sentences) Teachers or parents might modify the number of dots to increase the length of the sentences. For example, if you would like to have the student to say big ball, then you might put two dots on the board, then increase to four dots if you want the student to say “It’s a big ball”.

Set Three:
Therapists or parents will place the prompt card at the corner of the table to visually remind students to speak slowly.


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