Prompting Cards – Describing Items

These prompting cards are visual aids to help students to describe different items. This template helps students to organize information and helps them to describe specific objects in multiple ways.

Teaching objectives:

  1. To help a student to describe what he/her sees in more details by using a longer sentence
  2. To teach student to identify and describe what is special about the items


  1. Have already acquired the knowledge and words required to use in describing that particular item
  2. Able to imitate and speak in sentences

How to use this material:

  1. Put the item that you would like the student to describe on the table.
  2. Choose the visual templates related to the item. For beginner, you can use one template. For student with higher capacity, you can use two or more templates so that the student could describe more about the item.

You could also refer to the examples below to see which template can be used to describe particular category of items.
If the student is new to these prompting cards, you can hold up the template and demonstrate what to say/what to do to the student first. And ask him/her to imitate.
Over repetitive practices, the student can describe related features of a particular item according to the template you pick independently.

Templates which can be used for each category of item :


  • – Category
  • – Color
  • – Where to see (such as farm, zoo, sea, sky)
  • – The features
  • – What to eat
  • – Sound


  • – Category
  • – Color
  • – Where to buy (such as supermarket, restaurant)
  • – Taste


  • – Category
  • – Color
  • – Where to see (such as road, sky, sea, fire station)
  • – The features

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