Action Labels (Video Clips)

Benefits of using video than flashcards:

  1. Easier to teach abstract motions. Actions with continue movement such as push/ pull / kick are hard for our students to identify with still picture.
  2. No prompter is needed
  3. Able to pause and repeat the video at any time, thus emphasising the learning target (i.e. “kicking” moment)

Objectives(Receptive and Expressive action labels):

  1. Learn the name of the object, action and concept
  2. Increase students’ understanding and awareness of world around him
  3. Provide foundation for future language training

Objectives (Non-verbal imitation):

  1. Imitation skill is the foundation upon which other important skills are based (eg: play, social, self-help)
  2. Increase learning modality by having student observes and imitates the actions through watching videos

42 Action Labels (Video Clips)

  1. Playing play-doh
  2. Playing puzzle
  3. Playing lego
  4. Rolling play-doh
  5. Pressing play-doh
  6. Squeezing play-doh
  7. Opening the play-doh
  8. Squeezing the color tube
  9. Dipping the color
  10. Painting with a paintbrush
  11. Painting with a paint roller
  12. Drawing with a crayon
  13. Coloring with a crayon
  14. Cutting the paper
  1. Cutting the orange
  2. Wiping the table
  3. Wiping the white board
  4. Wiping the mouth
  5. Reading the book
  6. Reading the newspaper
  7. Pouring the milk
  8. Drinking milk
  9. Stirring the milk
  10. Mixing the color
  11. Eating the pizza
  12. Eating the apple
  13. Eating candies
  14. Combing hair
  1. Kissing the panda
  2. Talking on phone
  3. Brushing teeth
  4. Hugging the panda
  5. Throwing the ball
  6. Kicking the ball
  7. Walking
  8. Playing games
  9. Watching TV
  10. Putting on the jacket
  11. Putting off the jacket
  12. Running
  13. Putting on the shoe
  14. Putting off the shoe

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