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Jamie’s ABA Training Progress – Week 4

At AP, we place a huge emphasis on shaping each child’s learning skills. This will help children self-learn new skills and adapt successfully in the environment. Hence, we have designed a group of fundamental skills known as “learning how to learn” skills that is essential for children to first acquire, before he or she can learn other skills. Some of these foundation skills include attending, waiting, responding to instructions, learning from feedback and prompts, remaining calm, leaving materials alone, staying on tasks, etc.

In this weekly update on Jamie’s progress, our Behavior Consultant, Ms. Nurhayati (MSc ABA, BCBA), shares some of the programs that our team has designed to help Jamie learn some of these “learning how to learn” skills.

Watch Jamie learn how to wait, use his language to request, sustain his attention as well as play and socialise in this video!

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