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Jamie’s ABA Training Progress – 7 months【Part 1 – Language 】

Jamie’s 7th Month ABA Training Progress
【Part 1 – Language 】
Jamie has been receiving full-day intensive #ABAtraining at AP Singapore since he was 2 years and 10 months old (January 2020).
Today, we would like to share with you his progress since he resumed clinic sessions in July, after the Circuit Breaker in Singapore. Isn’t it great to see Jamie being so excited to attend classes and meet his friends? ??
In Part 1 of his 7th Month Update, Jeena shares his individualized goals to work on his language skills. This includes:
?Expanding his language with fun activities
?Equipping him with sentence structures to communicate what he wants or how he wants things done
?Learn how to describe what people are doing
?️Stay tuned to part 2 of his 7th Month Training Progress where he learns to pick up more language from his environment!

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