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Jamie’s ABA Training Progress – 4-5 Months Training

[Special Edition on COVID-19 “Circuit Breaker” Singapore – Jamie’s ABA 3-4th Month Training Progress] ????‍??
In view of the COVID-19 situation, Singapore implemented a “circuit breaker” in April. The objective of the “circuit breaker” measure was to significantly reduce movement and social interactions, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our clinic had to be temporarily closed and our therapy sessions transited to an e-learning platform. ??✍️
In the 1.5 months, our team of staff worked hard to innovate and adapt to maximize learning for children under our care. ?✨ A big focus was to also provide parent training and guidance to equip parents with much-needed skills to cope with their children’s behaviors at home. ?
Jamie was initially excited by the novelty of learning at home through an iPad. However, it became quite a challenge to sustain his attention over a long period of time. Eventually, behaviors surfaced and he started having frequent tantrums due to his non-compliance with the termination of preferred activities. ?
As non-compliance can compromise Jamie’s learning, we worked on generalizing his tolerance and compliance that he has learned in the clinic, to the home setting. ?➡️? We used a ‘High Probability Instruction’, and taught him how to say “OK ?” calmly (a socially acceptable response) when his request was denied.
Eventually, Jamie realized our expectations of his behavior were the same in the clinic and at his home too, and his therapists were able to achieve much better compliance.
Watch this video as our Case Supervisor, Ms. Jeena Tan, shares more about how Jamie and his team of therapists coped with home-based learning during the circuit breaker measures in Singapore. ???

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