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Jamie’s ABA Training Progress – 3months (Part1)

In the last 2 months at Autism Partnership Singapore, Jamie has made good progress across learning behaviors, communication, learning how to learn skills, and socialisation. Specifically, he has developed his language skills to communicate his desire to play with different toys. ???However, it was not easy to get him to listen to his therapists when asked to move on to do other tasks, as he wanted to keep playing with his toys.
We aim to help Jamie become a ready and independent learner in school and that starts with attaining the basic ability to listen to teachers when his playtime is up and tolerating not getting his way.??
In this video, Ms. Nurhayati M Ismail, Behavior Consultant (Msc ABA, BCBA), will elaborate on how we make use of a teaching resource known as the Token Economy, to help increase the duration Jamie will have to pay attention and learn. Ultimately, with the fading of tokens, Jamie is able to naturalise his learning segments and engage in other activities without it.
Watch how Jamie masters the ability to sit and learn throughout his pizza-making activity at the end of the video! ?

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