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Jamie’s ABA Training Progress – 10th Month Training Progress Part 1

Parents and caregivers of children with ASD often find it challenging to get their children to sit and engage in activities and tasks, especially when difficult. This is the same for Jamie, and in his 10th month’s program, we have taught Jamie’s persistence by teaching him to express and communicate how he feels – especially when he finds something difficult.

Since Jamie exhibits avoidant behaviors (e.g. going off-topic and tuning out) when the task gets difficult, the first step is to overcome his behaviors by teaching him to communicate spontaneously. Instead of just giving up on the task, our objective is to teach Jamie to tell us how he feels – whether the task is too difficult, whether he likes it or dislike it. This will allow him how to identify his likes and dislikes and communicate his needs.

In Part 1 of Jamie’s 10th Month Update, we share the communication programs we taught Jamie to increase his persistence. If you encounter similar situations, watch this video for a step-by-step breakdown of Jamie’s communication programs.

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