Autism Partnership 一对一能力观察及非正式评估服务 – 深圳站

Autism Partnership SHENZHEN Informal Observation and Consultation

Title (称谓)*
Mr. 先生Ms. 女士

Name (家长姓名)*

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Email address (电邮)*
(Key contact method, please make sure it's correct 主要联系方式, 请确保这邮箱正确)

Contact number (联络电话)*

Relationship to child (与孩子的关系)*

Child information (孩子资料)

Child Full name (孩子姓名)*

Mother Language (主要语言)*

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Gender (性別)*

Does your child attend school?(孩子现在就读学校吗?)*


Please submit the followings after payment 缴付留位费后,请把以下资料:
1. Screenshot of payment page(付款截图)
2. Child full name(孩子姓名)
Please email to 电邮至,
* AP staff will contact the successful applicants later. Registration cancellations will be eligible to receive a refund less a 25% service fee.
* AP工作人员会稍后联系成功报名的家庭。如報名後需退款,將扣除25%作手續費用。

Deposit (留位费用): HKD 5,000 (~RMB 4,300)

Inquiries 查詢

Tel電話:(852) 2174 6888