Online Talk: How do I teach my child to make requests spontaneously at home?

Many children with Autism may face difficulties in requesting what they want or what they like to do. This may be challenging and frustrating for parents and caregivers at home as they often have to anticipate and guess their child’s needs. Parents and caregivers may also find their child to be quiet and passive, and may sometimes feel frustrated as they repetitively ask them questions, hoping for them to make requests.

To encourage your child to make requests spontaneously, parents and caregivers can create opportunities for your child to initiate communication. This is known as “Communication Temptations”.

In this talk, we will share tips on how to encourage your child to make requests at home.

Speaker: Ms Liling Loh (BA Psy), Program Supervisor
Duration: 60 minutes
Expiration date: 7 days