Online Talk: How do I manage my child’s behaviors at home?

Managing the behaviors of your child with autism can be challenging especially when they exhibit different behaviors. These can range from acting out behaviors such as tantrums, aggression to self or others, or passive behaviors like engaging in self-stimulation and inattention. If behaviors are not managed appropriately, it can be challenging for you as a parent or caregiver to get your child to listen to you. This can affect a child’s learning and development. In order to address these challenges, we first need to understand why these behaviors occur.

In this online seminar, we will share ways of how we can proactively address these behaviors by teaching our child possible replacement skills that can help them to listen at home.

Speaker: Ms Edith Kho(BSc Psy), Senior Case Supervisor
Duration: 75 minutes
Expiration date: 7 days