Hong Kong 3 Days Parent Training Workshop 家長學習計劃– 香港3天密集培訓課程

Personal Details(第一位參加者資料)

Title (稱謂)*
Mr. 先生Ms. 女士

Last Name (姓氏)*

First Name(名字)*

Company/Organization (公司/機構)*

Position (職位)*

Email address (電郵)*

Contact number (聯絡電話)*

Living City (居住城市)*

Relationship to child (與孩子的關係)*

Child information (孩子資料)*

Child’s Full Name(孩子姓名)*

Mother Language(主要語言)*

Current Age(年齡)*

Gender (性別)* Male男Female女性

Does your child attend school(孩子現在就讀學校?)* Yes是No否

Type of classroom(課堂模式)

Grade Level(班級)

Number of hours per day (每天上課時數)

Number of days a week(每週上學日數)

Current services that are being provided (孩子現正接受的訓練/治療)

How did you know about this event(從何途徑得知本課程?)

The child of the participants are requested to join parts of the hands-on session for training purpose. Due to limited spaces, some children will not be offered with a training time slot.

I understand the above terms. 本人同意以上條款。

Other Remarks其他注意事項:

  • – Please screenshot the payment page for reference and checking if needed.
    – 請把付款頁面的屏幕截圖及保留,如有需要,可作查詢用途。
  • – The E-Receipt will be sent to your registered email on the last working day of your payment month. If the payment date is at the end of the month, you will receive your receipt at the end of the following month.
    – 電子收據將於付款當月最後一個工作天發到您的登記郵箱。如付款日為月底,您將於次月月底收到您的收據。
  • – Registration cancellations will be eligible to receive a refund less a 20% service fee. Cancellations received within 1 month before the workshop date will not be eligible for any refund.
    – 如報名後需退款,將扣除20%作手續費用。活動日期1個月內將不能申請退款。
  • – The 3-day workshop must be attended by the same person and cannot be shared with others. Any absence will not be compensated.
    – 3天課程必須同一人出席,不可與他人交替上課,任何缺席將不獲補課。

查詢 Enquiries

Tel電話:(852) 2174 6888