Frank’s 5 Day ABA Training Progress – Responding

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“Learning how to learn” skills are skills that have a pivotal role in teaching students the process of learning. Responding to instructions is one of the critical LearningHowtoLearn skills.

If the students don’t really follow instructions or listen or participate in lessons, they are not going to learn very much despite how great the curriculum is planned out.

When Frank came to AP on the first day, our consultants assessed his skills in terms of respondingtoinstructions. At times, when the therapist would try to have Frank do some tasks, he would run away, or he would just ignore the therapists. He wouldn’t follow the instructions.
To work on this, we first used “ring the bell” as a signal to signify to Frank that it’s time to come over and do some tasks. We then expanded upon that to work on some out of chair tasks in a distracting environment.

By the end of day 5, he’s able to participate in a more loose setting, watching and waiting for the other peer to do the activity before he does.

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