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Cheuk Cheuk’s ABA Training Progress – Week 13-14

In this video

In week 13-14, our training focus remains on improving Cheuk Cheuk’s speech, articulation and building his learning how to learn skills. Many children are not good at waiting, Cheuk Cheuk demonstrated this self-control issue too. Sometimes when the therapist has not yet finished the demonstration or asked Cheuk Cheuk to follow, he will be too eager to do the task by himself. Often times it leads to less desirable learning results.
In terms of articulation, it’s quite difficult for Cheuk Cheuk to copy two sounds at the moment, so our therapist broke down the tasks and implemented other programs to get Cheuk Cheuk to be better at producing different sounds.
Let’s see how we improve Cheuk Cheuk’s ability to wait and what fun and motivating activities are designed to help him to be ready to produce more sounds.

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