Discrimination in Language Training

A vital aspect of language training in ABA is what we call “discrimination.” When we use that word, we are referring to the ability to differentiate between two things.

Theory of Mind

Some researchers suggested that deficits in social communication and interaction found in individuals with ASD could be explained by impaired Theory of Mind (ToM) development (Broekhof et al., 2015).

Teaching Children to Respond to Name Calling

Failing to respond to name calling is one of the common problems in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As you can imagine, this problem can impact the children in many ways.

15 Rules of reinforcement Part 2

In the previous article, we have shared with you the first 8 rules of reinforcement. In this article, we will continue sharing the remaining 7 rules of reinforcement with you.

15 Rules of reinforcement Part 1

Parents often report that although their children with ASD become attentive in one-to-one therapy, they find it hard to focus in natural settings like home and classroom.